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Tattoo Artist in Perth, WA; Australia.

Australian Tattooists Guild (ATG) Member (2017-Present).

Currently based at Against The Grain Tattoo Company's Warwick studio.

Up-Coming Guest Spots/Convention Appearances:

Previous Studios:
Lost City Tattoo (Spearwood, WA) 2013-2020




* 18+ only.

* Fill out the "Book Now" form with your contact details and tattoo design, size, placement and budget (if applicable) information to book a FREE consultation.

* Studio policy requires a NON-REFUNDABLE $200 BOOKING FEE to confirm an appointment. This amount is rolled over to the next appointment until the completion of the tattoo, and comes off the last session's total.

* Designs can be created to suit a budget, or estimates provided where possible, but as projects vary all bookings are set HALF ($700) or FULL DAY ($1300) sessions (2 hour minimum/$440).


* Booking fees are paid in cash (ATM located close to studio if required) for in-person consults at the studio. Payments via internet banking transfer can be made for on-line Zoom consults (Name: Wade Barry / BSB #: 032-108 / Acc. #: 110427 / Ref: *Your Name*).

* Inquired dates remain available until secured by a booking fee.

* NO fingers, necks or faces. Hands only considered if you're already significantly tattooed. Not all designs are suited to every tattooist (style, subject matter, placement, etc) so in the event another tattooist is recommended, please don't take offense and understand that it is in your best interest.

* Please send deposit confirmations, design references and/or additional notes to promptly to ensure you don't miss out, or the appointment doesn't need to be re-scheduled due to time constraints.

* Against The Grain Tattoo Company - Warwick is located at 2A/639 Beach Road, Warwick; WA 6024.


* 48 HOURS PRIOR NOTICE is required to cancel/re-schedule your appointment to allow replacement/waiting list clients time to make arrangements, or it is used to cover expenses incurred by the artist in artwork preparation, as well as the studio space/equipment/etc required to tattoo it, and is therefore again NON-REFUNDABLE.


* Designs are finalized at the beginning of the appointment, so any final edits can be made before the stencil is made or drawn on for the tattoo procedure. The appointment may be re-scheduled ONCE to allow for significant revisions if required. Further revisions will incur an ARTWORK FEE of $100.

* Remember to allow enough time for your appointment as a 2 hour tattoo might turn into a 3 hour process for example from the time you arrive, we go through the whole preparation, stencil, tattooing, breaks, photos, aftercare, etc process, and you leaving the studio. Advise if you need to leave at a certain time prior to your appointment, as it may need to be re-scheduled or so arrangements can be made. Should you be running late, contact the studio on (08) 9243 4443 or your appointment and deposit will be forfeited to cover the lost time and need to be re-booked.

* Get a good sleep the night before, eat before, and moisturize the area in the days leading up to your appointment.

- Remember to be conscious of where you are being tattooed so you can dress or bring along appropriate clothing.

- Feel free to bring sweet snacks, a drink, ear phones and iPhone/iPad to keep you occupied, but please refrain from moving as much as possible as even the slightest shift can cause the area being tattooed to move also.

* It is preferred you DO NOT use numbing cream to avoid any breakdown in the skin's natural texture, and the way it would normally react. Along with potentially compromising the quality of the tattoo, there is also an increased medical risk that comes with it's use, so if you insist please advise to discuss these precautions prior.

* A follow-up appointment may be scheduled up to 6 months after the completion of the tattoo.


* Leave your tattoo wrapped to settle for 1-2 hours. Take off wrap and wash in warm-hot water with normal (non-scented/etc) antibacterial soap, dab/pat with clean paper towel and leave out to dry. The following day, wash then with clean hands apply a very small amount of natural paw paw or coconut oil cream, (Hustle Butter, QV, Bepanthen and vitamin E/bio oil are other suitable alternatives, but sparingly as the skin still needs time to breathe in between applications, otherwise it can result in prolonged healing and greater risk of irritation or even infection). Repeat 2-3 times per day for 14 days.

* Shower, but please DO NOT go swimming or submerge the tattoo in water (bath/etc) for a prolonged period, Use a clean towel when drying, bed sheets when sleeping, avoid pets and physical activity for 2-3 days to limit risk of infection. Keep out of direct sunlight where possible. It is natural for the skin to flake, peel and even scab, then display a "shine" of the freshly healing skin before settling back to normal over 2-4 weeks, but don't hesitate in reaching out if you have any questions. Return to your normal personal care routine after 3 weeks. Regularly moisturizing your tattoo, using sunscreen or keeping it out of the sun will help ensure it's longevity.

* Should the tattoo or surrounding skin become red, sore or inflamed, please stop applying cream to let the skin dry completely and clean with Detol or Betadine antibacterial wipes. If it isn't improving over the next few days, seek medical attention from a doctor who will likely prescribe an anti-biotic steroid cream to help kill off any infection.

* Tattoos naturally lighten up when healing. As the ink settles into the skin over the years it will also very slightly spread and fade with exposure to the sun for example due to the aging process, so look after your skin.


* Any further inquiries feel free to e-mail

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